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    RVE10 - Sound problems, SupremeFX Hi-Fi not functioning

    Hello everyone. Overall I've been very happy with Asus ROG's high end products so when I went to purchase the Rampage V Edition 10 X99 motherboard, I was very happy to see the inclusion of the audio features. The idea that the baseline sound chipset was on the level of many Asus Xonar discrete cards and the bay-mounted SupremeFX Hi-Fi offered similar performance to discrete headphone amps/DACs was appreciated. While everything started out well it appears that, like many others who seem to post here, problems have arisen.

    At current I am using Windows 10 x64 (and Linux) and while the standard SupremeFX / Realtec back panel audio seems functional (connected to a pair of AudioEngine 5+ speakers) and using what I believe to be the latest driver listed, I recently noticed the issue that the front-panel SupremFX Hi-Fi bay device seems completely non-functional. Trying to plug in a headset (with dual 3.5mm jacks) I was surprised to find it seemed to simply not exist. Opening the Hi-Fi utility shows an unusual picture (attached to this post) in the utility is present but all of the fields are blank.. Has anyone else run into this problem before?

    Suffice it to say, the Hi-Fi bay doesn't seem to be detected, not by the OS sound config, not visible in the SupremeFX / Realtek utility, nor does its own Hi-Fi utility show anything useful. Anyone have some ideas? From others posts it seems there have been issues so perhaps the answer is out there as well, lest I have to just consider the poor thing non-functional; a frustrating end for such a high end special feature of a high end motherboard.

    Thank you

    Click image for larger version. 

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