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    Is it worth it to re-paste Thermal Paste to Liquid Metal ?

    So I came across from the internet other day, like you guys usually do
    I found there's people doing stuff like "re-pasting the Thermal Paste into Liquid Metal" , and it works very well for cooling the laptops CPU and GPU.
    So just wanna to ask is it worth it ?

    Reason for asking this is because I just bought a new laptop for like 2 weeks. The CPU/GPU usually when I playing video games goes up to 78~92 Celsius WITH full fan speed.
    That is not a problem for being high temperature... just I'm not satisfied with that. Result for Liquid Metal Thermal Paste is very good, i mean.... the temperature can go down for up to 20 Celsius.

    And here's the problem
    The laptop is new .. if i open it up, will it avoid warranty ? and I'm also scared if the liquid metal will broke my thing if i use it for a long term.

    Another reason for why I'm thinking for doing this..
    - I'm using a RTX2060 laptop
    - after researching I found that rtx2060 will perform literally same with gtx1070ti
    - but the result in benchmarking , I lost to a desktop gtx1060 (compared with my friend)
    - I want it to perform AT LEASE like a desktop normal gtx1070

    Hope u guys give me a suggestion whether is it worth it doing re-pasting and why... Thanks
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