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    WS X299 Sage 10G - Memory issue with BIOS 1001

    A few days ago a new BIOS was released for the WS X299 Sage. After updating to this BIOS, I noticed a massive performance drop in every task, mostly related to memory.

    CPU: Intel i9-9960X
    Memory: F4-4000C18Q2-64GTZKK

    • Flashed BIOS from EZ Flash 3 Utility.
    • Re-Flashed BIOS using Asus Flashback.
    • Confirmed that the BIOS settings are the same between BIOS versions (entered them manually and re-checked twice).
    • Ran AIDA64 Extreme memory benchmarks, it's slow enough that it doesn't finish without locking up the system.
    • Ran Ram Test and confirmed drop in performance (from ~260MB/s to ~30MB/s).

    At this point, I reverted to the old BIOS version and I can confirm things are working properly now. I wanted though to report this so someone from Asus technical team might be able to take a look and make sure it doesn't happen for others as well.

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