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    Adding RAM to a Strix Scar II GL704GW, Considerations?


    I have recently purchased a Strix Scar II Gl704GW, 17" with RTX2070. Unfortunately, this ships in sweden with 1x16GB, causing game performance to lower fairly much. What was fortunate for me, was that I believed it had 2x8GB, because that was the information from the reseller, and this mistake and the consequences led to them compensating me a bit for the problems, so I can cheaply get an additional RAM stick.

    This new ram stick does not have the exact same CAS but apparently via a setting in BIOS you can make sure the faster RAM slows down its CAS to make them work together perfectly.

    My question is, how do I do this in BIOS. I checked in there and couldnt really find any such settings, I was told one should make sure VMP or similar is off. Maybe it was not visible since I still have only 1 memorystick installed for now, either way I thought Id check with you guys to see if theres anything specific I need to consider or do to get sorted.


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