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    Quote Originally Posted by FULLMETALJACKET7 View Post
    Makes no sense to keep the thermal pads if the system is now thermal throttling now and it wasn't before. If you're not running into power limiting issues due to VRM overheating, keep the stock K5 compound and replace the stock paste on the dies. It will run cooler all around. If it's thermal throttling you got something wrong going on. It shouldn't throttle under any circumstances.
    Also, the heatsink will seat a lot better on the cpu/gpu die using the K5 stuff.
    It used to power throrttling before and now is not doing it at all but it does thermal throttling on heavy loads like aida64 system stability test and i had a few thermal throttling spikes while playing assassins creed origines all set to ultra.
    I thought about replacing the 1mm pads with 0.5 next time when i repaste to see how it goes.
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