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    Post Notebook Asus Rog Gl553-VE with a huge DPC Latency!

    Hello everyone! I have a huge problem with DPC latency and since I could not find a solution for my problem on the internet, nor here, I've decided to make a post about it here!
    My story is a bit long but I think it's best to give you all the details so I can get the proper help. That being said, please bear with me. I have a gaming laptop Asus ROG GL553-VE, that I bought in December 2017. After 1 year of using it, in December 2018 I decided to install Call of Duty BO4 and I've noticed some lag spikes that were followed by sound popping and crackling, that made the game impossible to play. I've opened another game and got the same result. I thought at the moment that the problem may be the NVIDIA graphic card driver, but after a roll back and some other nVidia settings the problem was still there. The time passed and I left it that way since I did not have the spare time to play anything. In February 2019 I have installed Apex since all my mates were playing it, and surprise surprise the problem was still there! At this point, I got really nervous and I started my "quest" to fix my laptop. A friend of mine said that he had the same problem and he used Latency Moon to fix it, and he discovered it was the graphic card driver. I've played again with the NVIDIA drivers but I got no luck! I read on the internet that it may be an audio driver problem. After I installed a new audio driver I got again nothing! Since it was clear that the problem was caused by a driver and I did not know which one, I've reinstalled the Windows. I performed a clean install on windows 10 home (I don't know what version was), and using the cd that came with the laptop I installed all the programs and drivers that I need. I thought that the problem was fixed but after I've downloaded Latency Moon, I saw that the problem was still there! I've downloaded the game to see for myself, and yes the sound popping and the crackling were there. I saw that it may have something to do with the power plan management, with the CPU throttling, with BIOS update, with malware and ofc with drivers. I've tried it all, I've even performed an SFC scan, I've run DISM, I've run CHKDSK .....BUT NOTHING WORKED !!!!!
    After all of this, I took the laptop to warranty to let them see if it has any hardware problems (this was because I read that it may have something to do with the motherboard or the graphic card). They kept my laptop for one week and a half and after that, they called me to come and get it. At the service, they told me that they have replaced the motherboard, the screen, the fan, and some thermal paste, but that was graphic card problem. I've told them at the beginning what was the problem and when I got the laptop back they told me that the machine passed all their tests and is in perfect condition. I was happy, but my happiness was ruined when I got home and the problem was still there!
    I've performed another clean install and this time I got the drivers from the Asus website, I went there, searched for my laptop model and got the drivers that they recommend but again no luck!
    Guys I've paid quite a lot of money for me on this laptop and I feel scammed or something...Idk if the problem is because of Microsoft, Nvidia or Asus, or a mix between the three, and sincerely I don't care! I just want to enjoy a game without getting mad!
    Oh, I forgot to mention that the internet it's not a problem. I have a download speed of 207.4 Mbps, upload speed of 180.5 Mbps and a ping of 18ms.
    I've tried everything I knew and I don't know what else to do!
    Please help me!!!!!

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    Maybe you invest in a Powerline Adapter, it's much better than wireless.
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