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    Exclamation PLEASE HELP ME (GL504GM, board infected electric)

    Hello I from Cambodia I need all you guy help me
    My laptop running so hot and I can't play game or work with the big program because of thermal throttling laptop so I decided to change thermal paste and thermal pad after I complete I need to plugged power connect with battery but when I plugged is leak sparks and the board heating so hot in small part near power connection.
    After that I my laptop can't open even I dis-plugged with battery and charger with cable
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    PowerPein PC Specs
    Laptop (Model)GL504GS
    MotherboardASUS Rog Scar II
    Memory (part number)Kingstone hyperx 2X16 GB
    Graphics Card #1Geforce GTX 1070
    Sound CardRealtek/ USB Roccet Juke
    Monitor1080P 144 Hz
    Storage #1Toshiba SSD PCIe
    Storage #2Toshiba SATA III 2 TB
    Power Supplyoriginal
    Keyboard USB ASUS strix tactic pro
    Mouse TRUST gaming mouse
    Headset Sonic G910 7.1 vibration
    Headset/Speakers Genius GX 3000 2.1
    OS Win 10 Enterpise
    Network RouterASUS RT AC 1200 G
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    With a high-performance battery, this is a natural phenomenon of smaller sparks when connected.
    But when you plugged in the battery, was the power supply unplugged?
    The chip next to the processor fan is the input power circuit. Take it down and see if it has a burn mark. Was the paste not applied to the electronics? What paste did you put in? Does the paste conduct electricity? There are pastes that conduct the current and if it gets into the electronics it can cause a short circuit.
    Alternatively, remove the CMOS battery while disconnecting the battery. This will reset the BIOS.
    Wait for 1-2 minutes and reconnect the CMOS battery first, then the battery and then reconnect the power. The chip you shot is the motherboard control chip. If you are having problems with heat conduction, you need to replace the processor and video card paste, not this one.

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