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    Quote Originally Posted by KhuloodF View Post
    Just to be sure I am understanding correctly- you guys used the exact curve he did in the video for this RTX 2070 chip, right? If that's the case I will try this myself when I get home!
    i used the oc scanner in msi afterburner to scan for my normal curve without any tweaks. found out i had max of about 1860(straight horizontal limne) or 1950mhz at around 1.2+V
    so first i tried to set frequency from 0.9v to 1860mhz in the curve which was basically locking my voltage at 0.9 and overclocking (had no problems)
    tried to set frequency from 0.9v to 1950mhz got bsod after few hours
    currently set at frequency 1590 at 0.8v (good gpu tems and no problems)

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