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    ROG G752VS Fan Cleaning Advice

    Hey all,

    So I've had the G752VS model for a year and a half now. No problems so far with cooling. Hot air is blowing from the back when gaming, and temperatures don't exceed 80 degrees (that's the hottest it's gotten, depending on the game). However, I'm preparing for the inevitable day I will have to clean the fans and change the thermal paste.
    I've seen some videos online, and apparently I have to open up the lap top and gain access under the keyboard for cleaning and this scares the hell out of me.

    I'm hoping to get some info on this from you guys here on your experience cleaning the fans and such, and any advice you could give. Mainly with:

    1. How much dust was gathered in and around the fans the first time you cleaned it and how long did you have the laptop before doing so?

    2. How long should I go before changing the thermal paste?

    3. Was everything fine after you completed the maintenance?

    Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

    P.S. So far, around once in a week or two, I've been cleaning the openings on the back where the air comes out of with a vaccum cleaner. It has an attachable part that cleans dust, and I've just been running it along the back to remove the small dust particles that stick to the openings over time.

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    Responding your questions:

    1. After 2 year of normal use, the fans get a very good amount of dust, in general all the motherboard get hard dust.

    2. In good practices every year for normal thermal paste, every 2 years if you use a high end thermal paste.

    3. After disassembled all the laptop, clean every piece, motherboard, screen, nvme, memory, change the thermal paste and put every piece in their place the laptop works like a charm and - 5~10 degrees more cooler.

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