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    Thumbs up gl504gm (asus rog strix hero 2) low fps in csgo

    I have the ASUS rog strix hero 2 with the following specs:
    CPU i7 8750H
    GPU 1060 6Gb
    RAM 16Gbm ~2600Mhz

    I have a problem with the fps. And yes, I have selected the 1060 to be the gpu csgo does use...

    I ran the fps benchmark on 1080p with the most settings on low. My result was 128fps.
    Then I turned discords hardware acceleration off and switched resolution to 720p, same settings. I got 175fps.

    These are my launch commands: +exec autoexec.cfg -console -full -novid -tickrate 128 -refresh 144 -nojoy +fps max 0 +cl_forcepreload 1 +r_drawparticles 0 -d3d9ex

    The reason I am a bit worried is because when I go play deathmatch the fps is around 95 when playing on 1080p. I have also checked the gpu and cpu thermals and utilization with msi afterburner and they are more than fine. cpu does boosts to 4.1Ghz and the gpu boosts to around 1800Mhz when the utilization exceeds certain stresshold.

    In the fps benchmark when the camera goes through smoke, fps drops to 38 when at 1080p but only to 110 when at 720p. And once again, yes I know this benchmark does not represent the performance I will get in a match.

    I have seen videos from youtube and benchmarks from internet which show that a system with the same kind of specs should get substantially higher fps.

    I have also reinstalled the os with the latest drivers. Only problem I have with this laptop is that when I play youtube through the laptops speakers the volume will go up and down without actually effecting the sound volume in windows.

    This isn't the only game I am having a low fps with. This also happens with BF4 and KF2.

    I am aware of the latest windows update which seems to be wrecking users fps but I haven't installed it.

    P.S. I am sry for the bad english. Currently I don't have a time to fix my grammar because I am at work. Also if there are any missing information that might help solving this problem, just ask.

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