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    Asus Strix Z390 H Gaming boot issue

    Hi! So, I installed the latest BIOS version (2012), restored factory settings and afterwards I have only enabled XMP II profile and messed with the fan speeds only. Everything else is on default. Every now and the then, when I power up the system, it restarts in a loop, even before showing the ROG bios logo. Only option is to hold the power button in order to end the restart loop, bios on the next power up goes to safe mode. Reset to factory settings and save exit, afterwards enabling XMP II and the fan profiles and it boots normally. It does that once every week. I was thinking of a RAM issue (G.Skill F4-3200C14D-16GTZ) but it is 100% compatible with the mobo and it worked just fine with the previous BIOS. Any ideas please?

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