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    Boxing of Asus Rampage vi extreme omega

    Hi Guys,

    Just a questions in regards to the motherboard VI Omega. Been using the ROG Range for years n years now with a lot of pride in the boards they've offered.

    Today I received my Omega via an Australian reseller shipped overnight.

    Only to find the motherboard box with no shrink wrap or even a security label to prevent anyone from prying into the box n looking / causing problems.

    Just wanted to know if you folks also had the same?

    I really would have thought such a high end MB would have those QA checks in place?

    Here in Australia the board sets back at least $1150.


    P.S I still love the look of the board and my goodness doesn't it have some weight to it.
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    My box was not shrink wrapped or sealed in any way. So, in theory, one could open it up and look at it before it was sold/bought.

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    Retailers want it easy when merchandise is returned to ship it right back out as other explanation for this and seems MB manufacturers are happy to play along

    So, unfortunately this is standard on even top of the line boards.

    I always unbox wearing gloves and check the socket for bent pins and the board for finger's almost impossible to handle a board and clean it up to new if you see no marks,prints or scratches the board is as it should

    Despite the obvious disadvantage to the consumer...I have only ever seen one board that arrived second hand but sold as new...I photographed it and had it replaced instantly.

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    Rob W. PC Specs
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    Both my R6E + an rma one arrived , no shrinkwrap .

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    Johnnie PC Specs
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    Dear Mates,

    When i got my Rampage VI Extreme Omega from ABCData, it was same as Yours guys. No shrink wrap or security label. But MB was new (i`m really hope so), because there was no fingerprints on it, and all protective films was on it.

    Best regards,

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    Yeah, my motherboard box was not sealed but felt new when I took it out of the static bag and it also had all of the protective plastic on. I always check the CPU pins too.

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    Correction, no static bag - just the static sheet on the back of the MB..

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    My motherboard was not in a sealed box.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rob W. View Post
    Both my R6E + an rma one arrived , no shrinkwrap .
    what condition did your RMA board come in ? I just sent my rampage vi extreme out for RMA. I'm worried to get some beat up old unit back. until then I bought an omega in the mean time

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    None of these boards come sealed most of the time they get unboxed a handful of times to do rework before Asus is happy with there rushed out products. my R6E had hand prints all over it and no plastic at all on the board, they reworked the VRM cooler on these after they found out they didn't cool very well.

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