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    FX502VM CPU temp problems with core.

    Hi everybody,

    So im having heating issues with my FX502VM. I know there are alot of threats about the GL502 (since its practicly the same) but i think this one has a different problem.

    I recently changed my backplate, bought a new one and did a cooling modification on that one. I added extra ventilation holes now directly above the fans. In theory this should be alot better. For the GPU it did. The temps almost never go above 70 degrees Celcius instead of 80/85 degrees that it was.
    Sadly with the CPU nothing really has changed with the temps. The package temp still goes up to 95/100 degrees Celcius. However i am noticing a rather big difference in the core temps. Core #0 and #2 both reached a maximum of 98 degrees Celcius while core #1 and #3 diddnt even went higher than 73 degrees Celcius. Images gives a clear view of the problem.
    The CPU temps were around 95 degrees Celcius before i did the cooling modification.
    .Click image for larger version. 

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    Now dust isnt a problem since i cleaned the pc like 2 days ago.
    This is really frustating since the I7 now constantly revs up, then sees the high temp, speed goes down again. This repeats itself constantly.

    ASUS FX502VM-FY250T
    Intel Core I7-7700HQ
    Nvidia 1060 3GB
    16GB Ram
    512GB SSD

    Thanks in advance.
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