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    Which versions of CHVII Wi-Fi bios support P-State overclocking?


    I'd really like to enable variable voltage on my CHVII Wi-Fi, but it seems that was removed or broken in recent AGESA updates. Hopefully one of you good people remember which version of the bios/AGESA support that P-State overclocking. I know it's silly, people have reassured me that 46°@idle isn't too bad for an overclocked CPU, but I want those low, low temperatures.

    Currently I'm on bios 1002, as the two most recent break bios my H150i cooler, and cannot enable variable voltage, so presumably I need a bios earlier than 1002. (... and I'd rather not manually test each and every bios to find what I'm looking for.)

    TIA for any insight or advice you can offer!

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