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    PWR limit 2080 Ti Aorus

    Hi. My card Aorus 2080 ti oc manually. So in games my curve voltage working i locked at 2055mhz with 1.0920v and its constant.

    But in benchmarks card hitting pwr limit and fluctuating like crazy.Any ideas why on benchmarks only its not working?

    I locked at 2050 on 1.920v constant voltage. And gpuz showing vrel in 3dmark and games and performance is fine.Clocks 2010-2050 and 1.920v.

    But when i run Unigine Superposition i have PWR LIMIT and clocks are bouncing between 1900-2000mhz with randoom voltages. Why only in Superposition or timespy? Can i improve that curve?

    Fan 100%,pwr limit 133%,voltage 100+ and curve,temp limit maxed 88C.

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