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    Angry Rog Strix Fusion 700 - Strange noise on USB

    Hey everyone,
    I bought the Fusion 700 Headset and use it for 2 days now. I noticed a strange noise from the headset while its connected to the usb cable. Its kind of a higher pitched sound(the pitch, depends on the Quality of the Sound settings (96000 Hz = higher pitch, 48000 Hz = lower Pitch etc.)) And this is just when i connect it to the cable. on Bluetooth its fine and it dont have such issues but the quality over Bluetooth is pretty bad for PC-Gaming or even listening to music, its terrible, thats why i decide to use the cable and dont want it over BT conected to the PC. I checked with different cables and on different peripheral Interfaces, nothing seems to work. Is this just a bad manufactured device i have here or do others have this issue too? if so, could you solve the issue and if yes how?.


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