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    I noticed the inbuild fan wont stop spinning/running after 5-15 mins.

    I even tryed to let the monitor be powered on and let the pc be powered off for 1-2 hours...
    So this damm fan wont quit.

    Normaly i shut the power off on the main wall switch when im done using the pc and monitor so everything is off when i ect sleep or work.
    To save money.

    But i just heard this fan should stop efter 5-10 mins and i think it did it once when the monitor was brand new, when i was testing it.
    Since then i never heard it stop spinning while the pc was off.

    Also i still have this wierd problem, when i power the pc on then sometimes at random, then the HZ changes to 30 ish and then i can only choose 24 or 30 hz
    until i shut the pc off and power it on back again..i bet its a handshake problem between the gfx card and monitor since i tryed with 2 kin dog gfx cards and both the times i got the same problem...this is giving me gray hair...
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