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    Headset ASUS ROG Centurion - Mic quality solution

    Hey ASUS and all headset users, I have bought the ASUS ROG Centurion headset date 06-02-2019 and must say very good sound but microphono sound is very bad even my friends mute me on Teamspeak and Discord … :-(

    So what to do, yes I will send it back to where I bought it but they want 500 DKK to make the test and I payed 1499 DKK for the headset … :-(

    I wrote to ASUS date 03-03-2019 but have not get any answer … :-(

    So I have now spend 15-20 hours to to found out what to do and how can I get the microphono quality better.

    Have tried everything on ASUS control panel to this headset and from Youtube and Internet but without luck … :-(

    Well I found out this late yesterday evening :

    " Now I´m on Danish Windows 10 so dont know the real word in your Windows "

    Go to Control Panel
    Go to Sound
    Go to Recording
    Right click on Microphono ASUS ROG 7.1
    Select Properties
    Select Levels
    Set the scroolbar to 75 % ( if higher fx 100% microphono is very bad )

    Adjust on the ASUS ROG Control to the headset to 50 %

    Now I can speak to my friends but still sound like an old mann but better than people don want to speak to me … :-)

    Hope ASUS or all you with this headset will come with an answer that maybe can help me more or did this also help you … ?

    Best Regards

    Thomas Thomsen


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