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    Constantly freezes on idle.


    this forum is my last hope... i was still searching in this forum before. Many others have a similar problem like me. But all that workarounds did not help.
    I use ASUS ROG Maximus XI Hero with an 9700k cpu. (since 3 weeks)
    G.Skill DIMM 32 GB DDR4-3200 Kit
    Samsung 970 EVO 1 TB
    Corsair RM750X

    My exact error description: on Windows idle (browsing...discord), i have very often freezes. It always starts with my Internet is hanging (Onboard LAN). I click on somewhere in the browser and the next page will not open. If I click on the network display in the task, it says: "no Internet access". Shortly afterwards, the freeze begins. My mouse is still working, but i can't click anything. No icon is reacting. CTRL+ALT+DEL don't work too. And is some sound playing in this time, the sound is in a loop. This is for 10-20 seconds and after that, the pc is ok again. Maybe for 2 minutes, or up to 2 hours. On the windows event display, i can't see any errors.

    The interesting thing: is a load is active (like a game in the task) it never happens. The same of course at games. It never happens there. The gaming performance is great!

    What i did without success:
    - a clean windows install, only with driver
    - bios update
    - disable windows power management
    - changed ram
    - only used CPU graphics
    - unpluged all usb devices, except mouse/keyb

    I did many hardwaretests (multiple) ram, cpu, ssd (chkdsk + samsung software) but i never had an error. I think this is normal, because under load, i never had freezes. On bios i tryed so much settings without improvement. Of course i did reset the settings and use default. Ram speed to default.... CPU default...
    I use the newest driver from the asus webseite.

    The "funny" thing is, my friend buyed the same board + cpu like me. And he had the almost same problem. He tryed all, but nothig did help. But he gived up and changed to a other z390 Board. For a test, he don't reinstall windows... and the problem was gone!

    So what can i do? I'm totally helpless. To write here, i have to load my pc with a game in the task.

    best regards

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