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    HDR Issue with PG27UQ and Xbox Anywhere

    Playing Crackdown 3 on PC with 2080TI and PG27UQ which looks great, but I am experiencing a strange issue. During the game, anytime an Xbox achievement pops up or other message displays on the screen, the monitor goes black for a few seconds and then comes back up. When the achievement window or message disappears, it again goes black for a few seconds and then comes back up. If you disable HDR in Windows and in the game settings, this doesn't happen.

    Anyone with a similar issue?

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    I had similar issue playing warframe in fullscreen.
    Everytime i used the volume scroling key on my logitech g910 then a small overlay soundbar box popped up showing the volume. ( sort of ur achiments)
    Then the screen got black for few seconds and returned to the game when the vol bar fadet out.

    I updated everything i could and play with boarderless win mode in my warframe game and it helped.

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    I have a whole thread about it..... so annoying and they havent fixed it yet

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