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    Setting a 8700k with MAXIMUS X hero (wif ac)

    Hi all,

    finally i find a good setting for my mobo.

    Here they are:

    bios 1801
    all sync on
    multiplier 49x
    adaptive voltage on
    cpu override voltage: 1.310mV
    min max cpu cache ratio : 10 42
    For that set if i put 40 42 the dowcloclk of the voltage is the value of the offset voltage override only
    AVX 3
    total offset voltage: 0.251mV
    cpu load line calib:6

    On used the temp max is 64 degres with my games.
    The max temp with realbench about 73 degres
    (ambiant temps this days 4 to 17 degres)
    My cooling is an AIO from COOLER MASTER MASTER LIQUID 240

    The max voltage on CPU is 1.315 mV after all that sets with full load.

    RAM set to 4000 with XMP, voltage max 1.360mV.(instead of 1.350mV)

    I'm trying to undervolt the CPU a bit this week end.

    Special thanks to this forum and those workers. (MENTHOL, Nate152, Nerror, and others)

    I'll be back.
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