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    AuraSync - Is there a way to set lighting for each zone???

    Is there really no way to set individual lighting for CPU, Ram, Vid Card? I can set it to SYNC ALL or I can unlink the devices at the top and they just do their own thing but it will not let me set color patterns for the different pieces of hardware.

    So if I want different strobe or color effects for each component I cannot do that? I want to set rainbow for each but I dont want them all in time together. I have a bunch of RGB fans that all do their own rainbow thing so having all the main components light in time with each other looks bad.

    This seems ludicrous to me. The software can clearly control all these things why is the only option to "SYNC ALL" or nothing...

    Looking at the software along the top of aura sync it seems easy, you just unlink the different hardware then click them and set their lighting individually, however this does not work. Unlinking the ram and vid card just grays them out and I cant do anything besides relink them back. Is this release broken??? Should I try to get a older version of the software?

    Anyone can please help? Thanks!

    Specs if needed:
    Asus Strix B-450 Gaming
    Asus Strix Vega 56
    Ryzen 7 2700x

    EDIT: Also fantastic news! I updated to the latest version of AuraSync from the website and now division 2 wont launch because it detects lighteservice as a cheat. I uninstalled and rolled back to the previous version but now it dont care, just have to shut it off in control panel manually every time I want to play. WTF Asus, you need to get this sorted out, you charge a premium for these parts because they light up, now I have turn the lights off to even game on them. WOW
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