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    Question GL704GW Strix Scar II: 1x16 GB ram vs 2x16 GB RAM

    Hey all,

    I was wondering if someone with this model of laptop could assist me in understanding if adding a second 16gb ram stick really would make a large impact in gaming performance once it unlocks the dual channel mode.

    I'm currently running the stock 16gb stick and have noticed even with my most intensive games, I never go above 10gb adding another 16 would be purely just to utilize the dual channel support.

    (FYI Not interested in 2x8 GB ram sticks, if I'm paying that much I'd rather just upgrade to 32)

    With my current single stick I average well above 80+ FPS in BF5 and 100+ in Overwatch. 70+ in other, smaller games.

    Is there any mega boost I would experience...or should I just hold off until later?

    If you did upgrade, and see significant performance changes, where did you get your stick?

    Does adding another stick cause CPU/GPU temps to run hotter? I've just barely stabilized the thermals with my current settings, I would hate to screw it up with another stick.


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