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    Question PG279QZ artifacting - vertical lines

    Really long story short, I've had this monitor for a day now and it has issues. A replacement is on the way thanks to Amazon's stellar customer service.

    For an hour it worked perfectly at 1440p 165hz and was the most beautiful display I'd ever seen. No dead pixels, barely any IBS backlight bleed, amazing color, wonderful response. Then the artifacting started. A single vertical line right down the middle that slowly spread to the right edge. Now the entire right 50% of the screen has lines running vertically. I was able to get them to go away by running the monitor at 1080p 60hz, or at 1440p 100hz, making me think maybe my DP cable was faulty and unable to process the higher bandwidth for 165hz. Nope. Today it is artifacting at all resolutions and all hz, so it is definitely the monitor.

    Is this a known issue, or did I just randomly get a dud? I read the sticky about the previous model's lines 2.5 years ago, and since my model was made in October of 2018, surely that issue isn't still being shipped, right?

    ASUS offered an RMA, but I am not going to wait weeks to get a maybe fixed panel (that I pay to ship) when I've only had the thing for a day and it only worked correctly for an hour. Amazon is really being the MVP here by saving me. Anybody have a clue as to what is happening with this particular screen?

    I can't attach a pic because this ancient forum format just says "upload failed" when I try. I'll share them on discord if anybody is interested in seeing them.

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