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    Asus FX504GM Hard Freeze


    I've been having hard freeze on my new Asus FX504GM and after sending it to repair 4 times (they changed almost every part of the hardware) over 3-4 months the hard freeze still persists. It's frustrating because this is a new laptop I'd bought and yet there is this unsolvable problem that came with it. I'd contacted ASUS and they again asked me to RMA it and I did not do it this time because I know it would be futile and worst thing is I'm unable to use the laptop at all plus have to reinstall everything from scratch again.

    The hard freeze happened randomly and unpredictably whenever I:
    1) Play games. Whether the game is running or loading they all froze (tested all types of different games but still freezes)
    2) With games opened and went browsing the net (youtube etc.)
    3) With games opened (not minimized) and AFK (came back and it froze)

    Hence I believed it happens everytime during high usage. Not 100% trigger rate but may or may not happen depending on RNG. But even so I could not locate the faulty software. I'd tested alot of things (changing battery plan, set to HDD never sleeps, Windows media creation tool installation, drivers update etc) which also included uninstalling wireless software, ASUS hotkey, ASUS battery health charging and etc one by one to test it but the freezing still happened nevertheless. Which made me believed it is caused by a hidden internal software or the Bios itself.

    Moreover, they are other users (around 5) of the same model that contacted me on this forum through inbox messaging saying they are also facing the exact same problem and asking me whether had I found a solution to this problem or not, after seeing my post on the forum. And I'd also found another user review on Amazon saying he also faced the same issue but he was lucky because he was able to refund the laptop. Additionally there's also another user on reddit I'd contacted and he's also facing the same thing I'm being plagued with. And yes I'd screen shot all of them as prove and sent it to ASUS asking them to fix whatever problem is causing this issue or test it on their side with their professional diagnosis team. But again all I got from them is they will not take any action until I send my laptop back again for them to check which is totally absurd because I'd already did it 4 times prior to this and the problem has not been fixed.

    I'd tried asking for a refund from the retail shop and the guy that sold me the laptop said if you did not find any problem within 1 day after purchased they could not refund me. So I went asking ASUS for a refund and yea of course they are not willing to do so for me. Hence I'm stuck with this faulty laptop until this date and whenever I play games it freezes, and I either lose progression or my save file was corrupted as a result and I feel totally cheated.

    So, I implore you, please once and for all help me solve this problem and do not ask me to RMA it again. Thank you. Please let me know if you need further info from me.

    MY serial number is:
    S/N: *** Edited by cl-Albert 3/25/19 ***

    PS: If you just googled you can find some users complaining about hard freeze of this FX504GM on tom's guide,, Amazon etc...The problem lies within the ASUS software itself and ASUS is not doing anything at all. Basically I can only use this budget gaming laptop to surf the internet. Other than that, gaming is totally impossible with the non-stop random hard freeze. By the way my bios is the latest version 306.
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