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    WORST RMA - ripped off for $1300 and sold a broken computer.

    Got a vivobook
    Sent it in for repairs twice as it would revert to bios
    worked for first 4 months, sent it in, 2 months later got it back and it worked for 2 months then sent it back again. Past warranty after I got it back and it worked for 4 months then died again. Warranty was for 1 year and they want $$ now for a computer that NEVER WORKED. The warranty is to repair things. IT IS YOUR LEGAL RESPONSIBILITY to sell a customer what they are paying for. Not tell them they are getting a new and working computer that was broken from day 1 then fail to fix it twice and then ask them for $$ for more service? in a year the laptop was in the mail and at asus support for a combined 6 months.......
    Had a electrical engineer with experience developing smart phones and windows itself open it up and they actually BROKE a clamp for a ribbon cable at asus support. For the keyboard they jammed a piece of melted plastic to keep it in. Cracking the connector itself. Upon opening it and trying to get the cable out to separate the keyboard and get at the hard drive that the computer could not see because of a loose cable...... figures. Well the keyboards cable came loose since the housing of the connector was cracked it popped out and now no keyboard since the cable has no clamp to assure a stable connection. It is just loosely hanging there.
    I highly advise against sending anything into asus support. Sending it in for warranty just resulted in having a shot connector for the keyboard. The keyboard connector is attached to the motherboard so..... thanks for the 1300 broken computer? Call support and they put me on hold --- I ASK FOR A SUPERVISOR AND IT ALWAYS DISCONNECTS ME BEFORE I GET TO ONE. Bloody horrible company. If you ever need them to honor a warranty just don't. They will only break it.
    Figured I would share my experience with the service and warranty for any whom have had their own issues. Have been having to make do for a couple months with usb keyboards and such. Its a piece of junk.

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    Hello Noralut,
    Please kindly provide your SN or RMA number through PM to me.
    I will investigate on your case.
    Thank you for messaging us.
    Have a nice day.

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