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    Strix Vega 64 VRM and Performance

    I’ve had the strix vega 64 card for 3 months now and have noticed that no matter what I do with the card it never reaches its boost clocks. I’ve upped the power limit 50%, undervolted to 1100mV, ramped the fan up to 100% and even tried overclocking it with to try and reach the speeds, but they always drop down. My GPU temps are fine, so are my HBM temps as both never reach over 75C in extreme benchmarks such as furmark, superposition etc. Yet I still never get past 1540mhz. I’m led to believe that it’s either throttling due to the GPU Hotspot temp, as it reaches around 90C+ (not entirely sure where the sensor I should placed) and the VDDC VRM temps reach almost 100C in casual gaming such as Destiny 2 and went as far as 115C in superposition. What I’m wondering is whether this is the problem of the clock speeds not boosting very far at all, whether any of you have gained performance by replacing the thermal pad(to which I heard is a **** thermal pad), and whether these temperatures are bad for the GPU? I have asked ASUS about the VRM max temps, and they told be that they throttle at 125C, which I am finding hard to believe.

    What are your experiences with replacing the thermal pad, and is it worth voiding the warranty to do so?*

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