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    Fusion 500 connection question

    Just bought today the Fusion F500 model. Connected to PC VIA USB - work's fine.

    Connected to PS4 Pro - very - very quite sound. Checked in PS4 settings - sound set to maximum, in game also set to maximum and to headphones mode.
    There are a lot of same questions related to different speaker, so it is probably some thing from Sony side, but maybe you already know how to solve this issue?

    And another question - I have a TV, Samsung Q6F model. I connected headphones to TV and they don't make any sound at all. I suppose it is expected, cause the TV does not support the "audio connection" VIA USB, only VIA optical cable. Will it be possible to buy some optical adapter/converter, which will be in the middle between headset and TV, so that they could work? or maybe there is some other way?
    As I understood this model does not work over bluetooth, right?

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