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    New ROGer Array iquit040 PC Specs
    iquit040 PC Specs
    MotherboardX399 Xenith Extreme
    ProcessorAMD 2990WX
    Memory (part number)64gb DDR4 3000
    Graphics Card #1PNY GTX 1080 ti
    Graphics Card #2PNY GTX 1080 ti
    Graphics Card #3PNY GTX 1080 ti
    Graphics Card #4PNY GTX 1080 ti
    Storage #1Samsung 960 Pro 1tb nvme
    Storage #2Intel 2tb nvme
    CPU CoolerEK monoblock
    CaseTower 900
    Power Supply2x EVGA 1200w platinum
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    Mar 2019

    Arrow Zenith Extreme - SLI issues using slots 1/3 per manual / bios suggestion

    I have an issue with performance when running SLI in the asus suggestion configuration (slots 1 and 3). Games will have random stutters and sometimes crash the game, and other times completely lock the system up. When i disable SLI completely, the issue goes away. I looked up the Die access to the different PCI slots, slot 1 and slot 3 are on different Die’s and I am assuming this is the cause of the problem. My original build was a 1950x and 2x 1080ti and the issues were occurring then as well. Since then I have swapped out the Zenith Extreme motherboard for a new one, changed out the processor to the 2990wx, memory 8 new modules, and installed 4 new 1080ti different mfg / model. I am noticing though when SLI is using the suggested slots though, Same problem. I am wondering if anyone else has ran into SLI issues on the Zenith Extreme (besides the 2x 2080ti issue i had seen).

    For the record: slot 1 and 2 SLI actually runs perfectly and scales appropriately. Has anyone else seen any issues SLI across the dies using slots 1 and 3?

    (in the situations I am talking about I have disabled the other cards using the switches on the motherboard so I am only using 2 cards not all 4, and I tried using different SLI bridges as well)

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