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    Question HALO w/ASUS Terminal - Bug in the software?


    Ive been messing around with my new ASUS Terminal and love it. However i have been running into refresh rate problems with the HALO software. Seems like while watching videos, Halo works like a charm! But once in an application, full screen or borderless, the refresh rate of the RGBs tanks which in turn makes the lighting lag behind what is shown on screen for a considerably terrible light show.

    HOWEVER, in Quake Champions, it works pretty well, still lags but is not bad at all (the amount of lag time seems to be associated with anti aliasing.) In EA Star Wars Battlefront 2 it is horrendous the amount of RGB lag there is with the HALO software, but i have found that if you turn V-sync on the RGBS almost catch up with whats on the screen, rendering the game in DX12 makes it a tad bit better as well. This leads me to believe there may be a capturing bug that breaks when screen FPS is too high, or something with certain levels of anti aliasing.

    Halo is amazing when it works, i just hope someone can give me some pointers. Maybe a bug fix or an .ini we can mess with?

    I run a
    ROG STRIX 1080ti
    16mb Ram
    TUF z270 MB
    Windows 10

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