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    Zasus Zenith Extreme Alpha does not boot without ErP S4+S5

    I have 3600 16-16-16 RAM on my Asus Zenith Alpha with 1950X.. DOCP does does not boot on those values.

    However I notice I'm able to boot on 3400 an i made it stable but i have strange issue.. system when completely shuts down fails to properly come up during POST.
    It tries 2-3 times (power off then power on .. etc) eventually It reports it failed to boot due to memory .. I have to go to bios just save the settings and system POST without issues for second time.

    I changed now to ErP S4+S5 and how it always boots up twice, but i have not seen it fail competently to boot up during POST.

    It looks like a bug ?

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