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    I send ASUS this below date 03-03-2019 but still no answer ... why ... :-(

    Message :

    "I have bought this headset date 06-02-2019 from here in Denmark and must say sound quality is good but I am very sad about the microphono sound. My friends on Teamspeak and Discord turn me off because the microphono sound quality is so bad.

    I have tried from 2 computers but same result and I have installed the software from your website to this headset.

    Do ASUS have any settings to help this microphono quality to be better or what shall I do to get it better … ?

    I have paid 1499 DKK for this headset and if shall test it they want 500 DKK for that and that is not acceptable.

    The serial number is J8YHCM001166
    The part number is 90YH00J1-M8UA00
    Check number GZ8R

    Best Regards

    Thomas Thomsen


    SOLUTION but still bad microfono sound :

    " Now I´m on Danish Windows 10 so dont know the real word in your Windows "

    Go to Control Panel
    Go to Sound
    Go to Recording
    Right click on Microphono ASUS ROG 7.1
    Select Properties
    Select Levels
    Set the scroolbar to 75 % ( if higher fx 100% microphono is very bad )

    Adjust on the ASUS ROG Control to the headset to 50 %

    Now I can speak to my friends but still sound like an old mann but better than people don want to speak to me … :-)

    Hope ASUS or all you with this headset will come with an answer that maybe can help me more or did this also help you … ?

    Best Regards

    Thomas Thomsen


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