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    Z270i Is it possible to have 2 x M2 and using them with a Os on each one

    I have a asus z270i gaming strix motherboard where at the moment I have one M2 ssd (primary boot disc with win 10), 1 Normal ssd used just for storage and games and 1 Mechanical Hd, used for backup.

    I know my board has space on the back for one more M2 ssd, and I have been trying to find info on if it is possible to insert one and use it seperately (not in raid)

    What I want to do is to possibly install a Linux distro on it and use it to dual boot, instead of having both win and linux on one SSD M2 card, then id like to have 2 x M2 with win running onit and linux running on the other one, is that possible to do.

    Thank you very much for any help with that.
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