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    Quote Originally Posted by Dave001 View Post
    Hey Everyone.

    I am attempting to get Asus to fix a couple of BIOS issues, which I have not been resolved in the last few BIOS updates for the Extreme.
    1. VDDP voltage (Extreme Tweaker\Tweaker's Paradise), always shows as 0.065v, no matter if set to Auto, or Manually set.
    2. Fan Smoothing (Monitor\Q-Fan Configuration), not working with PWM fans, the fans are instantly ramping up under high CPU usage, no matter what the delay is set to.

    After several emails back and forth to Asus tech support, and providing more then enough info for them to replicate the issues themselves, they are once again saying I need to RMA the board.

    Could I please trouble any fellow Extreme owners to leave a post showing a screen shot of the VDDP voltage being incorrectly reported, and if you use PWM fans could you let us know if Fan Smoothing is working correctly for you. Perhaps if I can get several replies showing the same problem, on their own forum, they might actually pass me on to someone that can help, instead of just fobbing it off to the RMA departartment.


    here is one of the vddp voltage way off, it was a bad flash and I had to re-flash the BIOS on 6903

    Click image for larger version. 

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    AS far as fans go Ive ran Q fan in the bios - set it to 75 /55 /40 high / med / low respectively and left ramp up at default, chose PWM as all my fans are PWM
    Ive then used AI suite to calibrate fans within windows using AI suite version as that is the first version that has worked for me, link in #2 post in thread.

    When you flash the BIOS do you do a BIOS reset before flashing? clearing all previous settings?

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