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    Crosshair Hero VII x470 Ryzen 2700x DDR4 2x16 (32GB) running at 3400Mhz

    I finally got it, passes every stress test I have put against it but finally got 32Gb running at 3400Mhz.

    I am using Corsair Vengence Memory DDR4 rated at 4000Mhz 19-23-23-45

    Below is the image, for people to try it out. If anyone is able to get the board to post (does not have to be stable) at something higher than 3400Mhz with a 2x16 (32GB) configuration, please post your settings so I can try to stabilize it. I have had no luck in getting anything to post above 3400Mhz.

    NOTE: ONE BIG MISTAKE IN THE IMAGE I MADE The procODT is 68 (NOT 60) that was a big reason why I got it stable.
    Miniatura de Adjuntos Miniatura de Adjuntos ComputerTimings3400.jpg  

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