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    Gene-Z and Motherboard temp when using CHA_FANs and

    Hi all Just like to know if this is normal or not, I've connected 3x140mm fans to the motherboard fan chassis fan conectors CHA_FAN1-3 at startup the fan rmp sits @ +/- 1400 rpm. The fans are attached to a external radiator cooling a waterloop which regulates temperatures on the cpu and gpu, as such the fans play no part in the internal case/motherboard temps.

    On startup in windows with no load the motherboard sits around 33° C, then use FAN Xpert to throttle down the fans to +/- 800 rpm (40%). After doing so the motherboard temperature steadily climbs to 59° C. I checked the temp readings in both CPUID (SYSTIN) and the Sensor Recorder so there isn't a software error.

    What makes it even stranger I that when I again use FAN Xpert to increase the rpm to 100% the motherboard temps then start to drop and once again return to 32° C. Just on a side note why does FAN Xpert not stop fans when they are set to the "Disabled" setting ? I'm guessing the disable setting implies that the Fan Xpert is disabled and not the fan itself.

    I'm having a few issues overclocking and I'm hoping the highboard temps could explain this, I will possibly upgrade to the EK-MOSFET Max IV Gene if lower board temps have a positive influence on stability and range of my OC.

    Sorry just lastly what would be an acceptible temperature range for this motherboard ? (not factoring in ambient temperature)


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    Maybe reducing power to the fans is stressing the MB somehow. I did notice non-PWM fans can squeel like they are stressed.

    I think the Diode it is on top of the 4 in the word SATA3G_4 here...
    Clear any cables from this area. Make sure you graphics card does not make this area hot when the waterloop fans slow. Make sure the GPU is not leaning on the ROG heatsink (when you screw it into the slot lean it away from the ROG cover.

    When I fan this spot by hand with a small fan it drops the MB temp reading, so I think it is actually the temp.

    Oh I think Raja said MB chipset is fine with high temps... but obviously it is not great. You might find it is best to exhaust the top of the case with a silent fan on low speed, just to stop stagnant areas building up temps. Depends on the case but one exhaust as high up as possible is best, the PSU can do it if it does not switch its fan off. For a desktop case two low speed fans on the CPU side with static proof plastic dividers making a duct from the CPU to one of them is best.
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