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    Question How to disable a fan in ROG STRIX GL703VD

    I have a 4 months old ROG STRIX GL703VD whose left fan started making loud cracking noise (it sounds like it's brushing on something while spinning) so I took it to the vendor and they said they would have to keep it for a week to have it sent back and checked and have the faulty fan replaced, but since I need it for the work I am doing now (around 2 weeks) I decided to postpone the repairing and bought an external cooler to keep it from heating up because of the bad fan. Is there a risk on my laptop if I keep like this? and can I or should I disable the faulty fan (it makes a lot of noise that it started giving me headaches). If yes how can I disable it, I tried checking the bios menu but I didn't find any settings about the fans only a display of their speed (both fans still run at the same speed).
    I am using Windows Home Edition 64 bits that came with the laptop.
    The CPU is i7 7700 HQ and the GPU is nvidia GTX 1050 and it has 16 GB of RAM.

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