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    I got 3400Mhz stable with a 2x16 (32GB), I had to use the V2 settings in the Ryzen DRAM Calculator but combined it with settings that I read off the ram I have using HWINFO to get them. I will post the full timings but it was something like 18-20-20-20-36-58 (something like that).

    For some reason the Crosshair VII motherboard will not let you put ODD number timings (15,17,19) for the CL. It must always be an even number and if you do put an odd number it always pushes it up to an even number. I have not tried to tighten up yet to see if I can squeeze a bit more performance.

    The other big thing I noticed is the following

    - Asus motherboard hard cap of 3466Mhz for 2x16 (32GB) memory. It will not post at all and I think there is something in the BIOS that simply prevents it completely
    - As you push the MHz up it is best to push the DRAM voltage down (instead of up). For example the settings I got stable is at 1.36 volts on the DRAM. If I leave the settings exactly the same and set the voltage to 1.365 then the motherboard will not post. Now if I bring the Mhz down then the motherboard lets me use higher voltages.

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