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    GPU doesn’t fit

    Hello & Welcome ��❤️

    Im running into a small issue and need some advice , and whats better than to come here ,, so first of all lets take a look at my specs that i already have under my desk*

    *CPU: i3-7100 3.9 GHz
    *Ram: Random 8Gb stick ram
    *CPU Cooler: Cooler Master - Hyper 212 LED Turbo (Red) 66.3
    *PSU: Delco 600W (Total Max)
    *GPU: GTX Msi 960 2Gb
    *Motherboard: Asus Prime H270
    *Fans: Corsair HD120 RGB ( Three Fans )
    *Case: Thermal Take core P3*

    So here’s the thing , I’m upgrading to ( Sapphire vega 56 pulse 8Gb ) and that GPU requires a big case and my case is big enought but the middle fan of the three corsair fans is blocking it ( im not sure if only 1 of them is blocking there might be the last one also blocking not quite sure ) so i thought , instead of buying the ( CoolerMaster MasterCase H500 ) case , i save those extra bucks and upgrade my CPU since there is the Ryzen comptex thingy coming and my CPU is not good with that GPU , or i upgrade my rams to 2*8 instead of this crappy ram , or i buy my self a semi modular PSU better than this one?, or i upgrade my motherboard , Soo can anyone manage to know if i remove the middle fan would the GPU fit ( if i can even remove it and its not attached to each others ),, or shall i get a new case ? ,, and what shall i upgrade instead of the case and can u tell me which part and whats the new part?*
    A picture is attached so u can know what im saying about the fans . M

    I'm from the UAE , Speceficly Abu Dhabi ,, you can use a website called " NewEgg" I have kinda flexible budget , and the build is for gaming mainly
    Thanks! ����*

    Best regards!
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