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    Edit - Resolved. CH VII BIOS 2203 Downclocking Issue?

    EDIT - Fixed it. Read my last reply (I feel dumb)...sorry for the spam...

    Updated to the new 2203 on the Asus site.

    I got a 2700X

    Did my normal settings, I dont change much other then setting my DRAM settings, Level 2 enhancer voltage offset (- 0.0685) etc like Ive always done.

    Ive noticed in HWINFO that my cores rarely drop below 3 GHz now and most stay at 4.215.

    Win 10 power settings havent changed,

    Also noticed in Ryzen master that PPT/TDC and EDC all have a limit now of 1000.

    Left CPU idle for about an hour and according to HWINFO my lowest few cores are at 2.8GHz and the rest are staying at 4.2 or so.

    My avg Vcore sits at 1.45 and doesn't change except for a tiny bit.

    Any help or ideas?

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