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    Any PG348Q onwers can answer this plz?

    So i m an owner of PG348Q since 1 and half years now and overall i m pretty satisfied.Had no real issues till yesterday when i started my pc and got a black monitor although my pc was running.After several restarts i managed to get an image on the monitor after i had unplugged the monitor from AC and display port cables (and replugged them).
    What i noticed was that the small led on the bottom right of the monitor ,the "standby" led was blinking amber while the pc was off and stable red when the monitor was on and pc was working.
    So my question is: can someone tell me if this "standy" led on the bottom right of his screen is having the same behaviour or do i have an issue with a monitor and that flashing amber is telling me something is wrong with the monitor and have to take to service?Cause (and i dont know if i m going crazy here) but i cant recall having these colours ( i think it was stable green when pc/monitor was on and stable red when pc was off) or blinking on that led.So what is the normal variation of color of this led?
    I ve read the manual and i m not sure if i fall into the categories written in there.
    Thanks for your replies.
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