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    Need Advice for Ridiculous PC workstation/gaming project (not JK)

    Hi, Everyone, this is going to be my first post, and its one is serious about in a fun way,
    I have been given an insane budget of $100,000 that's not to say I should go that high for building a pc, but this is going to be used mostly for rendering projects.
    The rendering projects don't seem like they're going to be heavy as mostly its just rendering scenes and environments but would like to render while editing and working on the 3D projects actively; the other primary use would be gaming with recommended gaming accessories, etc.

    The space used would be quite spacious using an UPLIFT V2 Standing Desk 80 x 30 unless another is recommended and with some space on the side i'm not sure how much though, I can try getting more about it, but at least I got the main desk space. User will be playing a lot of flight and space simulator games; one of notice is Star Citizen and elite dangerous were mentioned.

    so I ask you the community what kind of build could you imagine with that budget while being for the price and build while having peak performance and quality? would love to hear build ideas, advice, warnings, etc.

    (as a not) I really don't want to spend like that much either I think the person thinks PC is just expensive and has the wrong idea for what a workstation cost bud does want something thats still overkill.

    Thank you all!
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    MightyErmine, interesting post.
    For the beginning, how much disk space are you looking for?
    I'm no Nvidia/AMD/Intel follower in terms of choosing a processor or a graphic's card. I'll state though that AMD has produced a massive gap in the central processing unit. If you'd choose an AMD Ryzen Threadripper 2990WX, it has 32 cores and 64 simultenous multithread's. I've done a research on Intel processor's and the closest that a single processor comes is the Intel Xeon E7-8890 V4 (24 cores & 48 threads). This processor is mainly for server use however combined 2 of them, it beat's AMD flagship model. Now, the only reason why I wouldn't recommend Intel's model, is because of the lack for grahpical unit slot's on the motherboard. I checked what AsRock, Asus & Supermicro have in store for Intel's processor, but as mentioned, it lack's GPU slot's. However, if you manage to find a superb motherboard, please do share
    Onto the graphical card's. I'm thinking the Geforce Titan RTX in a 3/4 way SLI mode would suit you. I can't rule out AMD's top of the line model's, so you'd have to decide on that. Here's a link: I don't know though if, the workstation card's will support Crossfire
    Motherboard. For the main AMD model, it's a motherboard with socket TR4. There's a couple of them from Asus, Gigabyte, MSI or ASRock. Most of them have similar features, however it depends on how much storage you desire for your rendering projects.
    Random access memory. I would keep this purchase as simple as possible. I'd stack all of the slot's for a total of 128GB with tactical speed 2666Mhz.
    P.S. I'm assuming you'd like to build one computer?

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    This would depend on what rendering software is going to be used and what is being rendered. If this is full frame composite video being rendered out in 4K then storage speed could be a concern in addition to CPU/GPU speed. I might start with the specific software stack and see what other people have built.

    If it's memory hungry you'll want a lot and if you have a lot it's better to be ECC. But large quantities of ECC memory won't be clocked as high has a smaller amount of enthusiast memory so it's a trade off.
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