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    Post Zenith Extreme - Livedash, Asus aura conflicts - Possible solution *ASUS USE IT

    since having this board a few months ago i started realizing the amount of issues i'd be dealing with. this is my first pc and trouble shooting it has been a pain in the ass but i have everything pretty much sorted and my next interest is overclocking my 1920x. however over the past few months ive had a few issues with setting up my motherboard, quite i few ive seen others deal with as well. the only help i got from asus was "trying another version" most of the time it just made the matter worse or dug me deeper in the hole im in. I've lost time and data from having to wipe windows over and over again just because of issues with asus programs alone. everyone had me thinking cam was gonna be the one giving me problems but its the other way around sadly.

    zenith extreme x399 mobo
    threadripper 1920x
    asus strix 1080ti oc
    32gb trident z rgb 3200 cl14 ram
    500gb 960 evo m.2 samsung ssd
    2x 500gb 860 samsung ssd
    2x 3tb seagate hdd

    after using the included usb with the drivers and tools i got a ton of issues on a fresh install of windows, turns out the usb driver i had included was garbage and corrupted. i could only install drivers but not the programs, if i scrolled on the list the whole tool would just crash, and since i couldnt uncheck some items it installed that i figured would be safe the included antivirus that basically caused my system to hang and crash as soon as it got into windows, i couldnt uninstall it since it just locked up windows and cause explorer to crash, after this i just went to reinstalling windows, bs but it was the only explanation and solution.

    i also had issues with the livedash keeping a selected gif locked on the oled display preventing me from using the program again to change it or display anything other then that gif, i literally had to delete the file itself to show cpu temp and even then thats all it showed, the program still wouldnt work if i chose other stats to display. research led me to thinking both livedash and asus aura do not work together which is stupid since this mobo has both features built in and would be pointless to have the tools not work together. this also led to a fresh install of windows to fix this since these tools run deep and revo couldnt remove everything to fix this bug.

    i also had an issue with an rgb header causing flickers while set as breathing in aura (minor but its the header as i tried other strips with the same result) asus said its the strips even though i already trouble shooted this stuff.


    1. i installed all the drivers i needed for the asus components - i used the usb for these since those are the only things to install without corrupting my pc

    2. i installed EZUpdate_2.03.17_20180620 because it installs AIsuiteIII without DIP5 which i heard caused problems but livedash needs aisuite3 and i use the bios to control my fans anyway

    3. i installed SW_LiveDash_W10_64_VER10108_20180118R and set a gif in all 3 slots and they all worked just fine because i made them myself - also this should be the version to be kept because it lets you select 3 gifs and is the ONLY version to have that feature which is badass

    4. i installed Lighting_Control_1.05.28 because the next version of asus aura would not install and the latest version was taken down because it "found no components" also for the record the latest 3 versions have had a spelling errors in the drop list of components where "ram location" is title like "ram loaction" or something like that, its a 500$ motherboard, use spell check

    5. at this point BOTH asus LIVEDASH & asus AURA both work together perfectly fine according to my tests, i just tried setting as default and the gifs, also to know if the program still works properly on load, it should go to the page last set so if i set a gif it should load there, if i set stats it should load there, simple.

    6. installed the rest of the asus tools in the following order

    7. installed RAMCACHE_II_Win10_V10506_20170822

    8. installed ROG_CPU-Z_Win10_V180_20170822

    9. installed ROGGameFirst_IV_V1.6.6.0_20170905

    10. installed SW_Mem_TweakIt_W10_64_VER20244_20190401R

    11. installed GPUTweakII_Version1971

    after installing all these programs in this order i got the latest versions of both livedash and asus aura working together, now this may vary to other people but hey its worked for me on a fresh install multiple times, after installing all my other programs as well and things still work smooth, FINALLY! it seriously amazes me how little effort was put into these programs to function properly. if theyre advertised they should work simple as that. i seriously hope this helps others because i found no help on these issues really online. also ASUS TECH TEAM use this info please. this was annoying and i really hope others dont have to deal with this.


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