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    Crosshair VII random codes problem

    HI guys,

    So i have 2 systems with crosshair vii
    32Gig gskill kit
    3x fans
    mx500 m.2

    Now the issue is one system works fine no issues at all.

    The problem child is the other system, which refues to boot up due to idiotic b4/b2/a1/a2/a5/a6/92 and its absolutely hell.
    So if do a cold boot after 15mins all good, but if i do restart manually or through windows or power switch within 5-10 mins it shows all these error codes.

    Now before anyone says check hardware, been there done that.Memtest prime95 all 20 hrs stable .Manually swapped components , ran stuff separately nope.Latest bios 2102 running.I have tried with / without oc ,tinkered with every setting swapped input devices formatted ssd's but i wont work.

    So does anyone have any suggestion,except rma.These are production pc's and rma takes nth amount of time.
    Im trying to work with an alternate system so that i can minimize the downtime and go for rma next week.

    Same usb peripherals work fine in the other system but the problematic system is like throwing tantrums.

    Any suggestions or im stuck with a lemon ? cause it sure looks like it.
    If it makes any difference its September batch.

    EDIT: latest drivers and latest chipset drivers have been used
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