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    Dual boot Win7 on Win 10 using separate SSDs

    *I have a Maximus VIII Hero Alpha using Windows 10 64 bit installed on its own SSD (and another extra HD disk with data, games etc) all working fine. I would like to dual boot window 7 64 bit but prefer not to do dual boot by partitioning the SSD and would rather use separate disks for each operating system (OPS).

    *My plan is this:
    *1. First disconnect all disks: the SSD with Win 10 (and the extra HD)

    *2. Connect another new SSD and install Win7 and all drivers and Win7 specific games onto it.
    *3. Reconnect both Win10 and Win7 SSDs and the extra HD.
    *4. At start-up, from the UEFI/BIOS, I plan to select the SSD disk/ OPS to boot .

    *The idea is to keep each OPS with their own boot data, drivers, etc on their own separate disks This is the first time trying this so I do appreciate any Comments or Suggestions ? Thanks

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    gap165, I don't think you have to disconnect anything at all to install a second operating system. Upon installation of Windows 7, press the usual sequence booter (most likely F4), boot into Windows environment and then continue on from there by choosing which ssd or hard drive you'd like to install Windows 7
    I've done that a while ago, when I had Vista and then decided to experiment a little, so I installed Windows 7 on a seperate hard drive. After post sequence, I had a screen where I can choose the operating system to start with That was a couple years ago and everything else only could of evolved to a better perspective until now. If my suggestion doesn't work, your's seem's like a pretty good idea however I don't know about disconnecting the primary Windows ssd and then continueing on installing the other Windows version. Be sure to back-up all of your necessary data before you proceed

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