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    Smile low voltage policy for overclocking

    Overclocking with high voltage does not give best results because of high temps. I think ASUS should do this as well, maybe doing it from windows is not the best idea. stress testing and finding right voltage could be just done without windows.

    ideally a boot-able USB flash drive like memtest86 but for stress testing and finding the right voltage/temp/frequency that way is much faster and doesn't require loading windows every time. its crash free because those crashes without OS doesn't really matter

    Please make a boot-able tool for overclocking and please not just new motherboards, I'm still using VIII hero alpha, don't forget VIII and even lower series.

    With AI suite I get 4.4 GHz at 1.4 volts while i could manually achieve 4.5GHz at 1.296 and its very stable (passed ~12Hours torture test).

    Also tuning VCCIO and VCCSA and other voltages via this tool would be handy, that is after finding right voltage for Vcore, start tuning VCCIO and then VCCSA, I know it takes a long time, but few minutes should be enough to get roughly stable Vcore/VCC voltages under stress and then 1 hour or arbitrary time for longer stability test should be enough to get the right voltages.

    Thanks a lot.

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