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    Zephyrus M GM501GS - HDMI refresh rate issues

    Hi all, I have 60Hz external display and 60Hz projector. From time to time, when I restart my laptop with any of them connected through HDMI, suddenly the screen keeps switching between blank and normal in random short intervals and frequency falls to 54Hz, even though system is showing 60Hz. When I change it to 50Hz, display is showing 45Hz, etc.

    This is super annoying and I didn't find a clear way how to fix it, google didn'r really help either - I tried restarting both devices, even unplugging the AC cord from the monitor/projector, restarting with/without HDMI connected, etc. Sometimes it fixes itself after many restarts, usually it takes quite a long time (~15-30 minutes). I even tried to change display driver, no luck.

    Anybody with similar issues?

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