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    Post Worst RMA experience with PG348Q and C7H

    My monitor has started to fail with the original adapter, buzz sound from adapter and panel, more from the adapter. It also starts to flicker and has two that looks like water mark burn in at the bottom right corner and the USB port of monitor is failing. Thats how I know the monitor is started to fail and ask for RMA.

    I was provided with shipping label to ship back the monitor however I was told not to use original box. So I use styrofoam around the monitor and TWO layer of box that purchased from fedex direct and ship it out to Norcal from where I live. Once they got it at Norcal, Asus emailed me saying that it is received at the wrong place and has to ship it back to Socal repair center which is like 10 minutes of where I live and extra 5 days is needed for extra shipping. 5 days later they received it and I waited one extra day to get an updated that they need to order parts for the repair and will take extra time. The next day they said my monitor has physical damage and want to charge me $1082.52 for repair which this monitor now cost only $800. Not only they were shipping my monitor to places which delay the process but also increase the chance of getting damage in transit. Now I am stuck with endless waiting without a working monitor. My RMA# is USDAK40350, and this is getting unacceptable.

    The other case I have is USPCK40105 which is for my ROG crosshair vii hero wifi. Now if you search the forum, you will find a lot of people having problem with the Wifi, bluetooth, and the random power off which I experience with the board, already did a lot of research and troubleshoot prior of sending the board for RMA the first time. The board came back with BIOS update ONLY, which I was totally capable of doing it myself and done it many time. However, I gave it a shot and assemble it and immediately experience the same problem. Everyone goes throught more than one time to get C7H working right is killing my love with ROG. I have ROG monitor keyboard mouse, pretty much everything. I started using Asus board since LGA775 and right now having more than 5 asus motherboards such as R5E10, X99strix but this is the only board that I cant get it working right. It really forces me to look for a better company with better process of RMA or better quality check of their products.

    I also have problem with ROG Aura terminal, aura is a crappy software, I know it, but I really just want to turn on and off with one program. So I bought the ROG terminal for my R5E10 6950x build, and the first 5 led of port 1 with the terminal will flash weirdly with Rainbow colors in Gradient. It is like over lapping signals to the first 5 LEDs, changing Led strip did not help. Contacted Asus support, they could not help me but ask me to get replacement from Amazon. Got the replacement from Amazon, it works fine for the first day, but started having the same issue the next day. pretty sure it is just driver issue at this point but have no idea how to reinstall a new copy of the driver. Already uninstal Aura and reinstall many times, also tried to remove the USB plug of the terminal.

    I think I am gonna make a youtube video sharing the experince of rma to other especially the motherboard and the monitor. the service is really getting unacceptable and everyone should know before buying the product especially there are many cheaper alternative products.
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