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    Slow SSD booting (Z170 + Windows 7 Z170 patch)

    My Specs 1st:

    MB:ASUS Z170 PRO GAMING (Default BIOS. Not gonna update it because if i do the keyboard won't be able to go into BIOS. WARNED YA!)
    CPU: Intel i7 6700K (Default speed)
    RAM: 16GB DDR4 2133mhz
    GPU: (Nvidia) GIGABYTE GTX 970 G1 GAMING
    SSD 1 (OS): SAMSUNG EVO 850 500GB
    SSD 2 (Backup incase of format for fast reinstalls): SAMSUNG EVO 840 250GB
    HDD 1 (TV Recordings) WD 1TB Blue
    HDD 2 (Downloads) WD 4TB Blue


    -DVD Drive
    -Logitech G213 (KB)
    -Logitech G502 (Mouse)
    -Pinnacle Moviebox HD (TV Capture Device)
    -WD My Book 8TB (But it's not connected to the wall, aka it's mainly OFF unless needed)
    -Avermedia Extremecap U3 (Same as My book's status but unplugged from device, while USB is connected on PC)


    -Updated Windows 7
    -Updated GPU Drivers
    -Updated Logitech software
    -Even with USB drivers are updated, it won't affect the below situation


    SSDs are supposed to be blazingly FAST when booting up. People who owns even , for example, a Razer Ornata (Chroma?), says that their booting (From the moment you press the Power button till you hear and see your Windows 7/10 desktpo, takes simply 7 seconds....Ofcourse with a different MB than mine etc.

    The thing is that my PC takes around 35 seconds the moment i press the Power till i see the desktop...That just ain't normal.

    There was a moment where months ago that duo to a previous Z170 PRO GAMING MoBo BIOS Update, my Keyboard wouldn't get recognized at POST and it'd take minutes to load into Windows..That, or never. That's why i could still RMA the board to where i bought it and get the same one,but this time WITHOUT UPDATING THE BIOS!!!! ><.. And now the keyboard works, however i think the BIOS is on a newer version but i couldn't tell why whatever etc..

    When that situation happened i had to ask for a normal keyboard, a non-gaming one, and it's a Logitech one... Plugged it into the PC and the boot times drastically lowered down to around 15secs in total (Power 2 Desktop)

    However, again, now i'm using this RMA'd (though New) board , same model etc, the PC takes 35secs, and i don't know why.

    On a Reddit forum ( here i asked the same but the user stopped helping me (without warning) after telling me each situation etc, and well, since this is an ASUS forum i tought you guys could try and lend me a hand and have a 2nd opinion.

    The thing is that, when i press the Power button, i can see the ASUS logo for 2-5 secs (depending if i rebooted the PC or not?, heat?), the keyboard goes on Rainbow LED changing, and when the W7 "Starting Up" message and logo appears, for a moment the LEDs are turned off... And 1-2 secs before the logo disappearing, the LEDs go back on again on rainbow, only to change into my "Solid Blue" pattern from Logitech's Software settings i gave it, then you hear then see the W7 Desktop after 3 secs (60hz->120hz mode monitor change)

    What's wrong with my PC?...And please don't tell me to update the BIOS because i am sure it can be done without touching it.. Else goodbye BIOS access with my G213..

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