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    mdzcpa PC Specs
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    MonitorROG PG348Q
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    Storage #2Samsung 980 Pro M.2 1TB for GAMES
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    CasePhanteks 500A Mesh
    Power SupplySeasonic Prime 1000W Titanium
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    Mouse Corsair M65 RGB
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    Mouse Pad Corsair MM300 Wide Desk Mat
    OS WIN 10 Pro
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    Quote Originally Posted by Leoplate25 View Post
    At night, I unplug the cpu from the wall and the next day i plug it back in and it turns on, off and on again. I set vccio and sa voltages to 1.1v (my i5 is at stock settings) and the "issue" disappeared. I ran Prime95 Blend (lots of memory tested) and MemTest Free and have 0 issues, same with daily usage, games and browsing the web.

    P.S.: I commented on the post you are referring to.
    P.S. 2: What happens if i put 2666mhz memory? Will the memory automaticaly run at 2666mhz? The motherboard support 2133/2400/2666 without OC and the i5 support 2666 ram natively. Does the ram depends on the jedec? Crucial Ballistix Sport Gray/White/Red have 3 jedec's at 1333 and one xmp at 1333 too.
    You should double check that setting your SA/IO voltages to 1.1v cured your double boot issue when power is lost to the motherboard. This would be the first report of this. Power loss require the M11 series of boards to cycle ONE time. If memory is not tuned, it may require a second boot cycle. So setting the right memory settings and SA/IO can reduce the number of boot cycles needed. I have never heard, however, that this will eliminate the reboot cycle completely.

    Yes, if you set your ram to 2666, that is what it will run at. It overrides the XMP setting.

    For example, I have 4200mhz. But I like an extra margin of stability so I set XMP, then adjust the timing to 4000mhz, and I also manually tune SA/IO to 1.215/1.1v respectively.

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